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It is a foundation programme with a disciplined approach to understanding the basic concepts of Law and is a sine qua non to all the Judicial competitions. To clarify, further, the subjects are divided into two categories.

These are: -

I. Core Subjects: These subjects are common for every Judicial Examination in India. They are Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence, Constitutional Law and Indian Polity, Indian Penal Code, Family Law, Specific Relief Act, The Limitation Act, Law of Tort, Jurisprudence, Law of Contract, Sale of Goods Act, The Partnership Act, Transfer of Property Act, U.P. Zamindari Act and U.P. Land Revenue Act & Other Local Acts for UP and Delhi Rent Control Act.

II. Elementary subjects: - Negotiable Instruments Act, The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Company Law, The Registration Act and Local Acts of H.P., M.P., Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab, and all other States. (For these subjects, Extra Classes will be organized).


To cut the long story short these subjects are part of the L.L.B course, that one is expected to graduate, in order to be eligible for Judicial competition. So, what are we doing different here than teaching the same subjects which you might have already studied? It is rhetorical question. That we are obliged to answer.

Many students who are already L.L.B, or practicing lawyers, or advocates, are vulnerable due to the deficit in exposure to the practical arena of Law. They have to spend a minimum of 3 to 4 years practising in association with established advocates or firms to gain precious experience. To be honest for the ordinary there is no alternative to the above. However, a willing student may opt to prepare for Judicial Services or Prosecution officer.

To the willing we appeal. We do not teach what you have already studied, instead, we impart a specialized approach to studying and learning and most importantly we groom you in application of those special skills. In other words, a student may possess the knowledge and skills which may enable him to crack the exams but fails to apply his/her knowledge and skills in the exams because there is a lacuna in his/her preparation. Our job is to fill up that lacuna.

You must be wondering; how will we fill up that lacuna and what are those special skills that we are talking about? First, those special skills are Hard work, dedication, devotion and confidence. Nothing special, right! No, Wrong! They are special because not everyone can master these attributes and the one who does is special indeed. Now, awareness and composure are the main ingredients in application of these skills. It is very easy to be carried away during the examination due to the stress. But with our students it will not be the case because we inculcate a habit to attempt each question diligently with awareness and composure. Our duty is to ensure that each and every student is immune to stress. Thus, for the students/candidates test series are mandatory for all the subjects.

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HJS course:

The duration of this course is _____ . The subjects for this course are the same as for the PCSJ or Judicial competitions. The only difference is that the subjects, content and concept wise, are dealt at length. Not only that the concepts carry greater magnitude, greater emphasis is laid on each and every topic.

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